Helping emergency services #ExpandTheToolbox with solutions for pin pointing caller location during emergency calls.

Hyper Accurate

Pin point precision is exactly what you need when locating emergency callers.

Rapid Return

Return location information electronically and automatically, out with the old!

Easily Integrated

Solutions that embed alongside existing control room systems and processes.

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EmergencyLocate: How Can We Help You?

Designed and built by existing emergency services staff, we can help you solve the biggest problems in emergency response! With EmergencyLocate:

You can quickly and accurately locate your emergency callers.

You can share accurate locations with other agencies more efficiently.

You can help responders navigate directly to where they're needed.

You can reduce call processing times and improve operational performance.

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EmergencyLocate will help to deliver solutions to one of your most frequent problems; Accurately and rapidly pin pointing the scene of an emergency when it matters most!

Search and rescue personel using EmergencyLocate
Rapid Results

Until an accurate location has been established, you're unable to send responders to the scene. An accurate location is the most important piece of information in an emergency call!

Accurate Location Data

Incidents involving a difficult location require specific tools in the Dispatch / Control Centre. These tools need to integrate with critical systems without disrupting your existing processes.

Train Easy

In 999/911/112 training time is a luxury few can afford. Powerful and efficient solutions can be simple too, helping to reduce training requirements and mitigate staffing pressures.

Remove The Stress

Difficult locations in emergency situations are stressful events. Stressful for the person in distress, and stressful for your staff. Make location searching super simple for everyone involved!

Better Resourcing Decisions

When the recorded location is hyper-accurate, and not reliant on outdated addressing systems, better dispatch decisions can be made, getting the right help to where it's needed more frequently and efficiently!

Low Cost and Built For Emergency Services

Designed from the ground up with emergency services in mind; A cost efficient pricing model and multiple access tiers so finances won't be a barrier to finding a solution that works for you.

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EmergencyLocate Usage

EmergencyLocate Searches

Responder Deployments

Our 911 Centre covers a vast geographical area with a transient population. Using EmergencyLocate ensures every resident or visitor in our Region receives the best service possible. The partnership between what3words and EmergencyLocate is one that saves lives. Thank you for your dedication and support to those around the globe!

Nowell Mullins, 911 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada

EmergencyLocate provides our ambulance communication centre with a quick and efficient way to locate patients in remote areas more accurately. The integration of what3words allows for greater interoperability between responding agencies with a easy to relay 3 word address.

James Richmond, Kingston Central Ambulance Communication Centre, Ontario, Canada

Being in need of urgent help and not being able to easily describe where you are can be pretty distressing for the person involved and a really difficult situation for emergency services. It’s therefore been incredible to see UK emergency services embrace innovation like what3words and EmergencyLocate to respond effectively and quickly in moments like these.

Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO, what3words

"EmergencyLocate has made a real difference in Scottish Ambulance Control, being able to send a text then get the exact location is very quick and easy to do, we are finding EmergencyLocate invaluable and really could be the difference of life and death"

Jim McQuater, Call Performance Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service

EmergencyLocate is an incredible system with so many capabilities for our service provision, especially in some of the more remote locations but even in packed stadia such as concerts or sporting events! We are looking forward to testing the capabilities of the new Version 2 functionality.

Allan Withers - Managing Director, Showmed UK

It was great to see the incredible system EmergencyLocate have created. We cover a range of events that could see the functionality proving invaluable. The possibilities are endless within emergency services and private event sector!

Robert McCutcheon, Safe Hands Medical Services

Simply put, EmergencyLocate offers emergency control rooms a valuable tool to pinpoint the location of 999 / 911 / 112 callers in just a few quick steps with minimal fuss. In a business where seconds really do matter, this is a tool all control rooms should be considering.

Dave Smith, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

We had a really informative demonstration from Nick and we were immediately able to visualise how useful EmergencyLocate is for emergency and rescue service control rooms.

Julie Jowett, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The power of EmgergencyLocate lies in how easy it is to get life saving information into the hands of emergency services staff. The demonstration Nick gave, along with a detailed explanation of its functions, was incredibly useful and it is clear to see how this would be a valuable system with great benefits for any control room.

Nick Andrews, Suffolk Constabulary

The ability of EmergencyLocate to obtain location information from a 9-1-1 caller without requiring the caller to verbalize the information is truly outstanding. This is one of several reasons why we proudly chose to be the first public safety answering point in the United States to operationalize EmergencyLocate. Incredible technology that will undoubtedly make a difference in the lives of many.

D. Jeremy DeMar, Executive Director, Mountain Valley Emergency Communications Center, New Jersey, USA

EmergencyLocate is a welcome addition to our toolbox and will help to ensure our residents get the help they require no matter where they are located!

Jerrett Wichman, Technical Manager 9-1-1, Durham Regional Police Service, Ontario, Canada

The Scottish Ambulance Service are extremely pleased to be utilising EmergencyLocate, this very useful tool will greatly assist us in responding to and providing help to patients, especially in our remote and rural areas.

Steven Cairns, ACC Information & Systems Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service

Our city has a river valley that encompasses a large area. 911 callers on the river are often unfamiliar with the location and landmarks of our city. Using EmergencyLocate will ensure our residents and visitors receive the best service possible. The demonstration Nick gave was very informative, and we are excited to #ExpandTheToolbox with the EmergencyLocate platform!

Grant Ward, Chief of Emergency Communications, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

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From The Founder

EmergencyLocate is our custom built software, designed specifically for emergency and rescue control rooms. Via our innovative web-based application, using the very latest technologies, we provide the tools to locate and respond to persons in distress, as rapidly, efficiently and accurately as currently possible.

By enabling emergency and rescue control rooms to connect with the caller over a multitude of digital platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and email, we have been able to develop innovative ways to retrieve location data from smart devices and share that data directly with the dispatcher or call handler.

Not only do we detect persons in distress, but we can also help with the deployment of responders, managers or officers directly to the scene! Our 'Direct Responders' function allows control room staff to specify a point on the map and send instructions to responders that allows them to navigate to that point. Be it a remote location with an injured patient, or a hastily identified location of a complex incident scene, by leveraging the accuracy of what3words, you'll wonder how it's taken so long for this technology to come to the mainstream.

Our Background

EmergencyLocate was founded on a basis of frustration. With over 18 years emergency control room experience in the UK, I know the problems are well understood, but the solutions either lacking, or not designed for emergency working along side mission critical systems.

The features that we have built were done so with control room application at the forefront, to deliver a secure, speedy, yet simple to use system that is not priced for profit and will easily integrate in to your existing control room processes. New for 2021 is the development of our API to enable full integration with existing CAD / C3 Systems!

Our tools empower your staff to take control of emergency calls with difficult or unknown locations. Location searching isn't about having the one right tool for the job, but about having a whole toolbox of solutions available. What's more, we know the complexities involved in emergency situations, be that noisy scenes or if the caller's ability to communicate is impaired. That's why, with EmergencyLocate in your toolbox we can detect the location of a smartphone, anywhere in the world, without the caller even needing to speak to your operator!

An image showing a developer working on EmergencyLocate screens

EmergencyLocate is proudly supporting

Wood Buffalo Emergency Services
Durham Regional Police Service
Kingston Central Ambulance Communications Centre
Scottish Ambulance Service
Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
Kingston Fire & Rescue Service
Alberta Health Services
Edmonton Fire Rescue Services