EmergencyLocate Branding Guidelines

Here at EmergencyLocate we have worked hard to develop a range of innovative features that can be accessed by emergency service organisations of any size! We've listened to feedback from partners and customers to develop both our functionality and our accessibility meaning more organisations can use our tools to help more emergency callers whilst providing emergency control room staff with some of the best tools on the market.

From The Founder - Nick Sutton

EmergencyLocate was developed to support control room operations across the emergency service sector. The people who occupy these vital roles are often behind the scenes and rarely credited for the work they accomplish. For EmergencyLocate to succeed we need to grow, which we can achieve by being recognisable and sticking to our objective: To support emergency and rescue control rooms with the problem of location searching.

If you are writing about EmergencyLocate or intend to include us in your social media content then please do download our logo packs and help us to be recognised by utilising our colour palette and font.

Your support in this area means we can help those behind the scenes do what they come to work to do every day; Save Lives. These people don't ask for thanks, but I like to think a part of EmergencyLocate's existence is because I know we can help them and make their jobs easier. So, EmergencyLocate is part of my thanks to those staff.

EmergencyLocate Logos

Feel free to download our logos beneath. Click to open the full resolution version. We only ask that where you use just our logo either the text "EmergencyLocate" or "EmergencyLocate.co.uk" is included alongside, see our colour palette and font guides further down the page for more information.

Colour Palette

A simple colour palette helps keeps are images and text recognisable. If you are writing about EmergencyLocate please take the time to match to our colours:

rgb(69, 160, 248)




rgb(30, 31, 33)



Our title and URL should be written in GRAPHIK Sans-Serif type face, weighted bold.

font-family: Graphik, sans-serif;

font-weight: bold;

color: rgb(69,160,248);

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.