How EmergencyLocate Works

The process is simple. It is the thought, and attention to detail that makes EmergencyLocate one of the most complete location searching solutions available for emergency and rescue control rooms.

Free Tier

Our free tier is available to emergency and rescue control rooms. Using this level of functionality enables conversion of various coordinate systems, including what3words to dispatchable location data.

Having the additional street address detail greatly aids entry of the converted location in to CAD systems, reducing both the time spent in having resources being able to be deployed, as well as the risk of an incorrect or inaccurate location information being entered in to CAD.

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Basic Tier

Our Basic Tier functionality is designed for those agencies that do not have an outbound text message solution.

By working closely with the team at what3words we were able to introduce a more accessible tier that provides basic text messaging functionality directing the recipient to the what3words FindMe website.

The recipient can then read the what3words address to the emergency operator to share their location.

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Enhanced Tier

Our fully featured web-based tier is where we provide our most innovative custom tools. This enables us to retrieve the location from the smartdevice in way that is completely silent and fully automatic, making EmergencyLocate the ideal control room solution!

We can receive location data over a number of popular platforms, including text message, email, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger! This means there is always a way of connecting with your emergency caller.

  • Fully Configurable SMS Functionality: SenderID and Message Content
  • EmergencyLocate Mapping Service For Silent Location Updates
  • Connect over multiple platforms to ensure success
  • Easily Pass Locations to Responders

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EmergencyLocate offers an advanced set of tools for CAD and telephony vendors to integrate our functionality right in to the existing control room applications used routinely by control room staff. Our REST API is simple to integrate and utilised using your programming language of choice. This makes it easy to:

  • SMS and return what3words, coordinates and nearby addresses,
  • Convert a what3words to coordinates, nearby addresses and vice versa.
  • SMS directions to a single/multiple responders, officers or managers,

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